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Yirang's Gouache Drawing Class book(2022)

Yirang's Gouache Drawing Class book(2022)

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⚬ Langauge : korean
⚬ Condition : Brand New
⚬ Pages : 184p
⚬ Size : 190*225mm
⚬ Publish date : March 2022
⚬ Handling time : 1-2days

Watercolor Guashu Drawing & Coloring Book. It was specially produced using high-end paper DS Prince, and the "Guashu Illustration Drawing & Coloring Book starting with Um" is included as an appendix. For convenience, it is bound like a sketch pad, and all 30 sheets can be torn into pieces and used. You can draw unique and wonderful works by attaching masking tape according to guidelines such as rectangles, squares, and hexagons as well as circles.

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