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Wonderland Coloring Book by anyan

Wonderland Coloring Book by anyan

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 96 pages
Publication date : June 2016
Publisher : Nihonbungeisha Co., Ltd.
Condition : Brand New
Size : 25.7 x 18.2 x 2 cm

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

Contents Introduction
Dense and cute coloring book, puzzles in addition to the strange coloring book! You can enjoy puzzle Coloring As you painted the color illustrations emerge in number. Advance while solving the puzzle, enjoying a strange story. Color swatch with you together with the answer of the puzzle.
New adult coloring book, "Puzzle Coloring Book" appeared!
The main attraction in this book, new attention collected are puzzles that coloring can enjoy! A block is divided lot, at first glance, this coloring book that you do not know what's been drawn. From the same color as the specified number and go painted in order ...... what those illustrations appearance!

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