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Art Painting Collection coloring book(2022)

Art Painting Collection coloring book(2022)

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 63 pages
Publication date : March 2022
Condition : Brand New
Size : 8.27 x 0.24 x 11.69 inches

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

Includes gorgeous coloring books by 24 painters who are active in the art world and SNS.

・ The artist's production comments ・ With colored samples・ With cut lines , 24 works with various tastes are available under the theme of travel and adventure that
can be framed and decorated even after painting . It is a book that you can see, paint, decorate, and enjoy not only as a coloring book but also as an art. [Contents] Introduction ・ Introduction of painting materials Basic technique Coloring sample collection What is the initial gallery? 

No.1 "Travel" mitsu "Sales of original paintings" 
No.2 "Scenery of moments" 
No. 3 "Early Summer Travel News" Bunban Kishi "Sales of Colored Original Paintings" 
No.4 "Travel Aya (Irodori)" Ree. 
No.5 "We Can Do / WE'VE GOT THIS" Sayuri Nagakura "Colored Original Paintings" Sale >> 
No.6 "Deep Sea Expedition" Harukaze + Shuichi 
No.7 "Flying bats, crossing the sea" Kento Hino "Sales of original coloring" 
No.8 "Travel of octopus uneune space" Tatsuya Okamoto "Original coloring" Sale >> 
No.9 "Two shots with a national treasure cat and self-portrait" Watsong 
No.10 "Real Adventure BOOK" Kanon Fujinaga "Sales of original coloring"
No.11 "Tower of Babel" Soybean
No.12 "Blue Journey" Yasuyuki Oshima
No.13 "Going on
a journey out of nowhere" Yuta Nohara No.14 "Travel Kogusa" AKi xenubilum
No.15 "Early Spring" "Artemis" Chiga Toda "Sales of original coloring"
No.16 "YOKATA & JUNCO in portlab" Mystery
No.17 "Tanabe Tomiwo" Midnight Forest and Lost
Child No.18 "Granbrillo" Children's World Travel
No.19 "Mokumoku" "Country" Grand Pee-chan
No.20 "Apprentice Mimi's Shining Nyansei" Mamemaru Nyusankin "Sales of original paintings"
No.21 "Where are you going?" Aiko uragami "Sales of original paintings"
No.22 "Travel of the Ancient City Railroad" Ayumi "Sales of original paintings"
No.23 "traveling girl" Aya Mizuta "Sales of original paintings"
No.24 "Saturday of the 8th" Chiaki Ishimatsu "Sales of original paintings"

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