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The Untamed - Mo Dao Zu Shi Official Art Collection Book

The Untamed - Mo Dao Zu Shi Official Art Collection Book

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Language - Chinese

Size - 295x210

Free 1 Booklet-170x250mm, 64p

Pages - 200p

Feb, 2020 Published

★The official edition "Chen Qingling Original Image Commemorative Special" hits big

★The setting collection plus a separate book, 11 chapters, 7 sections, and a large number of exquisite pictures, restore a real and tangible world of sentiments

★The setting collection includes the interpretation of the main creative team, original painting settings, costume analysis, character settings, collection of stills, etc.

★The separate volume contains the chief screenwriter Yang Xia, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, the voice actors Bian Jiang and Lu Zhixing interviews; the actor team and the juvenile group dubbing team interviews; as well as stills and hand-painted storyboards

★Exquisite double-sealing, thread-locking and hollow-spine binding, the whole book is printed in four colors, and an exquisite box with earrings is given as a gift. Collect this "Summer Miracle" together


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