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Soirée Art collection of Nekosuke

Soirée Art collection of Nekosuke

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 160 pages
Publication date : Jan 2018
Size : 25.6 x 18.2 x 2 cm

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

Popular illustrator Nekosuke / long-awaited first art collection!

A commercial collection that will be the first commercial of illustrator · Nekosuke who is active in drawing and CD jacket illustration etc appears! Popular doujinshi "Exotica" "Exotica 2" "Strange and Loyal" "Works in Dreams" posted works, illustration work of novels and merchandised illustrations, as well as creative picture books of new works "Mushi no Hane" It contains more than 160 artworks. It is a collection of works of gems packed with charm of ako aid work that beautifully depicts boys and girls and animals living in a decadent world.

Includes publications such as popular doujinshi "Exotica", "Strange and Loyal" and more, including more than 160 points from illustration works of novels and goods made illustrations. A work collection of gems that can see Nekosuke works without limit.

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