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SC Character Drawing Tutorial book for Beginner, NEOACADEMY Ilust maker series

SC Character Drawing Tutorial book for Beginner, NEOACADEMY Ilust maker series

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Korean Language
Pages : 352p
Size : 188x257x30 mm

Handling Time : 2-4 days

PART. 1 Warrior Appears! A village without facial expressions.
Chapter 1. Learn Deporme.
Chapter 2. Twinkle twinkle! How to draw eyes.
Chapter 3. Draw a nose.
Chapter 4. Draw a mouth.
Chapter 5. Draw various hand shapes.
Chapter.6 Drawing Ears.
Chapter. 7 Let's draw the facial expression of the character!

Let's draw a character!
Let's draw the character's features!

PART. 2 Styling! Headless village.
Let's draw the hair of Chapter 1.
Chapter 2. Draw the front character's hair.
Chapter 3. Drawing hair from the side.
Chapter 4. Drawing various hair styles.
Chapter 5. Drawing various hairstyles.

Let's draw our own hair!

PART. 3 Dress Up! Practice design.
Chapter 1. Let's find out various poses and wrinkles.
Chapter 2. Design various outfits.
Chapter 3. Drawing characters.

Let's copy the character!

PART. 4 Paint-up! Colorless Village.
Chapter 1. Coloring characters with various tools.
Chapter 2. Wooden doll's bread wizard costume.
Chapter 3. Wooden doll's cocoa witch costume.
Chapter 4. Wooden doll's outfit for the Wizard of Fire.
Chapter 5. Wooden doll's witch costume.

Let's color it ourselves!

PART.5 Design Up! Start designing.
Chapter 1. Drawing various outfits and props.
Chapter 2. Drawing accessories.
Chapter 3. Designing outfits.

Let's follow the frill!
Let's copy the outfit!

PART.6 Soldier's exit! Complete the design.
Chapter 1. Find out the color.
Chapter 2. Decorating outfits with various props.
Chapter 3. Coloring outfits.
Chapter 4. Coloring the queen's dress.

Let's try coloring along with the tailcoat!
Let's make our own Yeonmi uniform!
Let's color it along with the dress!
Let's make our own dress!

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