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[Pre-order] SECRET STORY Coloring Book (Japanese) by Shirei Kurahashi

[Pre-order] SECRET STORY Coloring Book (Japanese) by Shirei Kurahashi

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Language : Japanese
Paperback: 72 pages
Published : Dec 2023
Condition : Brand New
Size : 250*250*87mm
ISBN : 9784529063357

Enjoy coloring the popular illustrator Shirei Kurahashi's illustrations. The designs are reminiscent of European countries such as France, and you can color them according to themes such as flowers, sweets, clothes, and the seasons. A completely new work with many drawings and written specifically for coloring. Includes 7 color illustrations that show you how to color Kurahashi. A book where you can feel the coloring and enjoy Kurahashi's world view to the fullest. Large square size with wide open pages for easy coloring.

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