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[Limited Edition] surgeon elise comic book vol.10 by mini

[Limited Edition] surgeon elise comic book vol.10 by mini

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Language : Korean
Condition : Brand New
Size : 150*210mm
Page : 300p
Benefit : [Limited edition: illustration book + 2 SD art stickers + 1 first edition limited illustration postcard (wrapping with book) , color, revised edition ]

book introduction

“I will always be with you for the rest of my life.”

Linden suffers from hatred and revenge. In response, Elise decides to prevent her tragedy. She goes to the palace to ask Mikhail for help, but she hears of a plot to raid Linden, and Elysee finds out about it by her aristocratic faction...  !

“Lize, will you stay by my side forever?
  Without you, I don't think I can hold out even for a moment."
“Yes, I will be by Linden’s side forever.”
"Thank you. I don't care if it's only you Everything is fine.”

The last tragedy of the past life has finally arrived. In the end, what choice will Elise make? The long-awaited conclusion of 『Surgeon Elysee』!
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