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Pom Pom Cats by trikotri(English)

Pom Pom Cats by trikotri(English)

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30 Unique Pom Pom Cats Made by Wool

Language : English

Pages : 96

Size : 188x247mm

Publisher : Nippan Ips

Publish date : Dec 2020

ISBN 13 : 9784865054880

100% Authentic product

With full color, step-by-step photos, Pom Pom Cats teaches you how to make cute and furry kittens and cats out of yarn!

A follow up to the popular Pom Pom Animals, Pom Pom Cats contains easy-to-understand instructions to make 30 different adorable cat pom poms, covering a full range of breeds from American Shorthairs, Abyssinians, Scottish Folds to Sphinxs. All the cat pom poms are variations on the same basic technique, so once the basics are mastered, anyone can create their own unique cat pom poms.

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