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Pom Pom Animals by trikotri

Pom Pom Animals by trikotri

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Language : Korean

Pages : 128

Size : 188x247mm

Publisher : eyeofra publisher

Publish date : Oct 2021

ISBN 13 : 9791188726844

100% Authentic product

The latest work by trikotri, the author of "Animal Pompon", "Inu Pompon", "Cat Pompon", and "Kotori Pompon".
Introducing how to make fluffy stuffed animals with adorable blurred faces.

A total of 39 works, including bears, polar bears, sun bears, pandas, sloths, orangutans, lions, kangaroos, and other animals with torso and legs, are included.

If you master how to make three types of pompoms, "basic", "mini", and "long", you can make all the works by combining them.
Wrap a thread around the tool to make a base pompon, connect it, cut it into an animal shape, attach parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth, and it's done.
The hands using the techno funnel can be bent and stretched, and you can freely make poses and play.

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