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Paris Walk French Embroidery Book by Sadako Totsuka

Paris Walk French Embroidery Book by Sadako Totsuka

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  • Brand New
  • Korea
  • 136 pages
  • 210*257mm
  • author : Sadako Totsuka
  • More than 100 small and cute items can be used as point embroidery on handkerchiefs, at the end of skirts, and sometimes bags, and embroidered Montmartre hills and Champs-Elysees streets and hung on frames will be a good material to remember your trip to Paris.
  • Contents : <Practice and Design>
    20 spheres of Paris (Props: Frame)

    Four Seasons in Paris (Props: Tablecloth)
    Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter

    Street you want to walk (Props: Frame)
    The Seine River and the Eiffel Tower / The Arc de Champs-Elysees.

    Montmartre (Props: Frame)
    Montmartre Hill / Moulin de la Galette / Vineyard / Sacrecoire Cathedral

    Maronier Street Tree (Props: Bellpool)
    Old Café / Street with Eiffel Tower / Metro Signboard / Flowers / Blogne Forest

    Street milestones (props: frames)
    Moulin Rouge / Notre Dame Cathedral Rose Window / Street with Advertising Tower

    Nice apartment street (props: a new light)

    Paris florist (props: frame)

    Nice shops in Paris (Props: Cushion Cover)
    Hat shop. Shoe shop.

    My room is on the second floor of the flower shop (Props: wall-mounted pocket)

    My favorite cafe. (Props: coaster.
    Macaron / Croke Madame / Eiffel Tower / Famous Goods in Paris / Wine / Cafe Ore / Croissant / Baguette / Open-air Café

    My favorite cafe (Props: Ticoji)

    Marche Walk (Props: Apron)

    In a cozy park (prop: frame)

    Parisian in Autumn (Props: Book cover)
    Parisian 1 / Parisian 2

    Romantic Season (Props: Christmas Card)
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