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My First Step to Korean, Wa-geul Book 1

My First Step to Korean, Wa-geul Book 1

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Forget the boring, repetitive memorization courses of the past and discover how easy and enjoyable it is to learn the Korean language right in your own home with this fun interactive language course curated specifically for the self-learner.

Do you find typical language learning books repetitious and dull?
Are you interested in learning Korean on your own but don’t know where to begin?

In the revolutionary language book, My First Step to Korean, Wa-geul (Book 1), you are guided through a comprehensive introduction to the writing system, alphabet (aka Hangeul), and basic vocabulary of Korea with interactive learning exercises, fun quizzes, and a free downloadable audiobook. This engaging course allows you to target multiple skills at once to help further refine your reading, writing, and listening abilities. In just 2 weeks, you can master the basics of the Korean language system with minimal guidance, and start reading Korean texts with the right pronunciations.

With this book, you will focus on learning the language by matching each letter's shape to the characteristics of its sound. Similar-looking letters are grouped together so that you can practice distinguishing their characteristics.

In this innovative new introduction to the Korean language, you will:
● Ease into the language by learning the alphabet (aka Hangeul) and writing system first
● Get an introduction to basic vocabulary while learning how to read and write the language
● Challenge yourself to complete fun quizzes and exercises while building a solid foundation knowledge of the language
● Familiarize yourself with the sounds of the language through the free audiobook and be able to listen to it anytime and anywhere
● Get to know Korea and its rich culture through colorful graphics
● And More!

Whether you want to learn Korean to better understand your favorite k-dramas and k-pop songs or start off your learning journey on the right foot, My First Step to Korean, Wa-geul (Book 1), is your go-to interactive guide for discovering the Korean language on your own.


[PART 1]
Unit 1 Vowels ? 011

[PART 2]
Unit 2 Consonant "ㄱ" ? 025
Unit 3 Consonant "ㄴ” ? 037
Unit 4 Consonant "ㄷ" ? 049
Unit 5 Consonant "ㄹ” ? 061
Unit 6 Consonant "ㅁ" ? 073
Unit 7 Consonant "ㅂ" ? 085
Unit 8 Consonant "ㅅ" ? 097

[PART 3]
Unit 9 Consonant "ㅈ" ? 111
Unit 10 Consonant "ㅊ" ? 123
Unit 11 Consonant "ㅋ" ? 135
Unit 12 Consonant "ㅌ" ? 147
Unit 13 Consonant "ㅍ" ? 159
Unit 14 Consonant "ㅎ" ? 171

Hangeul Penmanship ? 189
Answers & Scripts ? 203
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