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Miniature Dollhouse Craft Book

Miniature Dollhouse Craft Book

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Upcycling Idea for Miniature House

Language : Korean
Paperback : 94 pages
Published : Mar, 2017
Size : 210*230*7mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

A dreamy room for a girl who dreams of a dream, a living room with a fluffy sofa perfect for sharing stories, and a charming kitchen where everything looks delicious, all in one twelfth world. The butane gas lid is transformed into a vintage tin basket and the detergent lid is transformed into a tungsten mode stand. Interior fittings that fill the space utilize the surrounding objects with astounding ideas.
It explains in detail how to choose a tree, how to paint, how to paint and how to make interior accessories. When you fill a small space, you will be able to exert a different sense of decorating the actual space you are living in.

Basic 01. Tools and Materials
Basic 02. Start of woodworking
Basic 03. Create a room box
Chapter 01. My angel
Good night, baby, baby bed
Lemon light, yellow cabinets
Storage room made with sliding door
Toy Box
Upcycling Rug that is made of the remaining yarn as a work
Upcycling Cushioning without sewing
Chapter 02. The Romance of a Girl
Side table by side
Vintage fashionable wardrobe of the years
I'll call you a lullaby.
Girl's Treasure Toy Box
Childhood memories desk
Smaller and more lovely children's chair
Tin basket with overcycling thoughts
Upcycling gifts given by nature twig mobiles
Upcycling surrounding materials study life study stand
Chapter 03. The cozy little kitchen The cozy little kitchen
Folded Folded Cute Folding Table
Girl's Dream Wall Plate Rack
A stool suitable for a small kitchen
I need a lot of care Oven range
Oven Range in Upcycling idea Burner, Button
Upcycling Decorating a dish without artwork
Upcycling Cutting and Painting
Upcycling miscellaneous charm kitchen utensils
Upcycling Twinkle, rewrite square box
The pleasure of utilizing upcycling canisters
Chapter 04. House, gathering hearts
Always comfortable chair
Pallet table with wheels
Pallet Tables in the Upcycling idea Moving wheels
Upcycling A luxurious flowerpot using a recycled mold
Upcycling Sprout planted in a small but capable can
Upcycling Rewriting mirror
Chapter 05. Rustic wedding decoration Rustic wedding decoration
Pine table with drawers
A nice and simple wooden box
Door that can also be used in a room box
Rustic corolla with preserved flower
A sweet cake
Upcycling Small, secret ingredient scales
Upcycling transformation of container
Upcycling When reaching the collectors' hands,
Chapter 06. Using Peripheral Materials Upcycling idea
At that time cotton candy machines
Use of interesting materials Calligraphy brush
Find hidden ingredients Ice cream cart
Thank goodness cup cake mold
How to use a paper sprinkler
Garbage mold by Gugelhoff

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