[Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
[Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
[Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
[Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
[Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, [Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]

[Manhwa] The Great Wish [Season1, vol.1-4]

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  • Korean
    148*210mm (A5)
    vol.1-4 contains Season 1(Chapter 1-55 of webtoon)

    Sienna Argent, the only princess of the Empire, she had everything from birth. Clever brain, superb beauty, superior talent. to the position of her successor, who will be crowned the emperor in the future. One day before my 20th birthday. She begins to dream of her and sees her own future decades later. She rejoices that her divine blessing has given her her foreknowledge, and she is grateful to God. But the future she sees in her dreams is getting more and more strange. The future that Sienna had vaguely envisioned was not like this. A counterattack from a half-brother whom he despised for being half-blood. The hidden side of her mother whom she believed to be her absolute ally. And the appearance of a man who has a powerful influence on Siena, both in reality and in the future.

    Associated Names:
    Diyi Nüwang
    Idai na Negai
    The Greatest Wish
    Truyện Tranh Ước Vọng Vĩ Đại
    Un grand rêve
    Điều ước tuyệt vời
    위대한 소원

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