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[COLORING] Love Fantasy Coloring Book

[COLORING] Love Fantasy Coloring Book

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⚬ Language : Japanese
⚬ Page : 64 pages
⚬ Size : 8.27 x 9.84 x 0.25 inches
⚬ Publish date : 11 March, 2022 
⚬ Handling time : 1 week

Introducing the picture book-like coloring series "Love Fantasy Coloring Book"!
In the first installment, we invite you to the mysterious world where animals live.
When I opened the door on the back of the blue whale, a dog and a cat greeted me with "Welcome!".
If you open the page more and more, you can meet many animals such as rabbits, pandas, and kangaroos.
There are 21 pictures in total, each of which contains a colored drawing and a line drawing.
There are lots of cute fairy tale paintings, such as a small ranch in a planter where pigs and cows spend their time, and a sun bear having a swan boat date. Let's spend a relaxing time by painting with your favorite painting materials and colors while referring to the model!

< Features of this book>
・ All pictures are drawn for this book. You can also enjoy it as a collection of works because it also has colored pictures. ・ Since it has a kiritori line , you can frame
it and decorate it . Full bloom onion 06 Birds' paradise 07 Family camp 08 Tropical paradise 09 Enchanted ocean dome

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