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Love Fantasy Coloring book by mashu (2022)

Love Fantasy Coloring book by mashu (2022)

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 64 pages
Publication date : June 2022
ISBN-13: 9784295202790
Condition : Brand New
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A fantastic world of dreams and magic where flowers live

The latest version of the "Love Fantasy Coloring Book" series where you can enjoy a fantasy world view!
The long-awaited third installment is based on the theme of "flower language".

Flower language is a word that gives flowers a symbolic meaning. In addition to bouquets, it is widely used for anthology and paintings.
The meanings of the flowers differ depending on the country and culture, and even the same flower has different colors.

"Love Fantasy Coloring Book Flower Words" expresses the meaning of words with anthropomorphic flower illustrations.
A story is attached to each of the 20 works on the opposite part of the line drawing, and you can enjoy coloring while imagining the world of the story. In addition to the protagonist, multiple flowers appear in the illustration, and if you examine the meaning of the hidden flower words, you will be able to enjoy the story (coloring book) more deeply.
You can enjoy it by painting a coloring book as a model, but you can arrange it to your liking!

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