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Juxian'an 聚仙庵 by wmm

Juxian'an 聚仙庵 by wmm

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Langauge : Chinese

Author : wmm

July, 2021

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

The book revolves around the adventures of a teenager and a frog. It depicts all kinds of people and things they encountered during their adventures in the paradise of Juxian An, full of imagination. The collection of paintings is divided into Taoyuan Secret Realm, Juxian Encounter, Secret Realm Key, etc., respectively introducing the environment, adventure stories, character maps, and scene settings of Juxian's Temple. The secret world of Juxian's Temple is constructed by imagination. Three-dimensionally presented in front of readers, combining the unconstrained design with traditional characters, the whole work scene has the beauty of classical ink and wash.

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