Jun'ichi Nakahara masterpiece Coloring Book (Genkosha MOOK)

Jun'ichi Nakahara masterpiece Coloring Book (Genkosha MOOK)

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 95 pages
Publication date : Sep 2016
ISBN-10: 4768307736
ISBN-13: 9784768307731
Condition : Brand New
Size : 24.8 x 22.6 x 1.6 cm

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Contents Introduction
Popular painter who was active in the media, such as many magazines over the post-war from before the war, Masterpiece Coloring Junichi Nakahara.
This book is, rather than to trace the picture, is the first of the coloring book was created by the technique of removing the color from the work that is Junichi Nakahara drew.
Because you are taking advantage of as it is a touch of Nakahara own, please enjoy the best part of "color a picture of Junichi Nakahara".
The Intro To help you to role model of the coloring book, introduced the picture of colored leave at the time of publication.
Published work is me from the enormous work group Nakahara was left behind, about 80 points to Judiciously what you enjoy as a coloring book.
Fashion, cover, story, interior, etc., also the genre of painting has been select to cover the playing a wide variety of Nakahara, also contains valuable works that are not very well known in.
Everyone became an adult over time is, or together with children around, look at this coloring book, feel, think, and move the hand, one book who can feel the world of Junichi Nakahara was born.

About the Author
Jun'ichi Nakahara (Nakahara Jun'ichi, February 16, 1913 – April 19, 1983) was a Japanese graphic artist and fashion designer born in Higashikagawa, Kagawa Prefecture. According to the scholar Nozomi Masuda, Nakahara "greatly developed the eyes of shojo manga characters".
Showa predominate initial, as a popular painter of the girl magazine "friend of the girl."
After the war the first year of 1946, launched the "Soleil" own women's magazine, followed by publication such as "sunflower," "Junior Soleil", also living also fashion to women in the forgetful era dream heart charismatic longing of existence shows the happiness to live path as "it beautifully."

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