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Jung Jun-hos visual illustration making notes

Jung Jun-hos visual illustration making notes

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  • 512p
  • 216*250mm
  • Handling time : 2-4 days
  • 1. Elements Of Tools
    - Hot rivals 'Photoshop' and 'Painter'
    Menu composition in Photoshop and Painter
    Program Preference management and Interface setting

    - Prime : Basic knowledge
    Creation and storage of canvas (image) (Pixel and resolution)
    Bitmaps and Vectors
    channel and mask

    - Application of the Programs-Basic operation
    Use of shortcut keys
    Find a brush

    2. Tutorial / Basic
    - Sketch and color palette
    Color: Color palette operation guide

    - Painting Works: Coloring work using the program's basic tools
    Coloring work using a painter (Utilization of ‘Simple Cover Brush’ and Painter Layer)
    Basic coloring work using Photoshop (Brush operation and layer management in Photoshop)

    - Correction Works : Utilize various correction functions of the program
    Utilize image brightness/color correction function
    Creating and utilizing textures for illustration work

    3. How To Painting ‘Painting Technique’
    - Painting technique ‘Operation of the crater’
    About the coloring technique

    - Painting technique in Photoshop
    Stroke operation in Photoshop (overpainting)
    The process of depicting people using Photoshop default (basic properties) brushes
    Create a painterly feel with a brush with a strong jitter (random) value.
    A method of post-coloring an image drawn in black and white (glazing technique)
    Using Photoshop's 'Quick Mask'.

    - Painter's painting technique
    Painter's stroke operation
    Opaque (Cover) property tool (neutral brush in the cover property)
    Opaque (Cover) Property Paintball (Pastel Type)
    Utilization of Buildup property tools (feeling of markers, color ink, etc.)
    Utilization of Impasto property painting tools (texture oil painting)
    Utilization of wet property crater (Watercolor) ‘Overlapping technique’ (Difference between Water and Digital Water)

    4. Tutorial | Synthesis
    - Transparent coloring using Photoshop
    Illustration ‘Christmas Festival’ production process
    Illustration ‘Space China’ production process

    - Animation cell style illustration coloring
    pen work
    hand drawn pen drawing
    Drawing using paths
    Know the program features for creating vector images
    Illustration ‘Carol & Ash’ production process
    Illustration ‘War of the MAKAI’ production process
    An example of a vector graphic feeling using a path
    An example of how animation cels work

    - Thick and solid illustration coloring
    Illustration ‘Apple Tres’ production process
    Text Tool production process

    5. Extra
    - Equipment for painting : About equipment


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