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Journey to the West Coloring Book by dada cat

Journey to the West Coloring Book by dada cat

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Language : Chinese

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December, 2021

Handling time : 1-2 weeks


This book is a coloring book of mythology and ancient style line drawing. Based on "Journey to the West", one of China’s four great masterpieces, 34 familiar characters were selected, and the gods or ghosts encountered along the way were depicted in the prevailing style of painting according to the story clues of the four masters and apprentices traveling westward. Brand new look. The character line drafts are beautiful and delicate with rich details. There is also a humorous and cute little theater that reproduces all sorts of anecdotes on the way to learn from the scriptures, allowing you to open your mind and experience an unprecedented "Journey to the West". A coloring poster is included with the book, and you can also get a color matching reference map and a coloring video by scanning the code.

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