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Initial Embroidery Patterns Book by Applemints

Initial Embroidery Patterns Book by Applemints

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 84 pages
Published : Dec, 2016
Condition : Brand New
Size : 190*245*6mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

★French Initial Embroidery Patterns Book by Applemints★

Using only the 17 most basic techniques of French embroidery stitching, 547 alphabets were easily embroidered for everyone. For beginners to easily follow the embroidery thread, embroidery scissors, frame, and how to move the design was also meticulous basic parts.

Most of the initial embroidery books published so far covered flowers and plant decorations. Of course, the botanical design is familiar and beautiful, but if you are a designer of your own props, you should have a wider choice. The chic suitcase, the girl's handkerchief, and the cute accessories for kids are different designs. This book covers a variety of themed designs to cover all these styles. In addition to basic flower patterns, tulips, lily of the valley, mini roses, leaves and other individual themes were also included.

There are cute animals, birds, mushrooms, bees and balloons that are perfect for children's accessories. There are also eye-colored crystals and black lettering embroideries sewn in one color thread. In addition, you can choose from a variety of primary colors, colorful designs in pastel tones, and designs that are elegant with two or three colors.

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