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[Tool] Hikaru Noguchi Original Darning Tool Standing Darning Mushroom

[Tool] Hikaru Noguchi Original Darning Tool Standing Darning Mushroom

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(main body only)

Size : Umbrella part diameter: Approx. 2.8 inches (7 cm); Overall length: Approx. 3.5 inches (9 cm); 



Material : Wood (beach)

100% Authentic product

Darning is one of the needlework to repair stains in worm holes and hanging holes in clothing. Decorative darning is a cute repair with colored yarn to accentuate the stitching. This darning mushroom is an indispensable tool for decorating darning. Not only can it be used for repairing socks, denim, children's pants knees, etc. The moderate hardness of the wooden skin firmly supports the cloth, and the bottom of the handle is easy to grip and the more you use it, there is a trademark of HIKARU NOGUCHI. This is an original HIKARU NOGUCHI product with a stable standing style that allows you to work with just one hand. This mushroom shape is adorable enough to be used as a room decoration. Decorative darning is a person who can't knit, but if you like needlework, you can practice it for a few times and grab the tips to get the darning. The colorful yarn makes it a lovely and attractive expression that even if the needle is broken down is the pleasure of decorating darning. 

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