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[HARDCOVER] THE WORLD OF GUWEIZ 2 : The art of Gu Zheng Wei 2

[HARDCOVER] THE WORLD OF GUWEIZ 2 : The art of Gu Zheng Wei 2

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⚬ Author : Gu Zheng Wei(GUWEIZ)
⚬ Size : 257 x 182 x 13mm
⚬ Language: Japanese
⚬ Pages: 184 pages
⚬ Condition: Brand New 

GUWEIZ started drawing at the age of 17, and in just three years he grew to the point where he was working on promotional illustrations for Hollywood movies. The second art book by the popular Singapore-based illustrator who is active around the world is now available, the first in about three years.

This book comprehensively includes all of GUWEIZ's previous works, delves deeply into GUWEIZ's creative process, and focuses on the "storytelling" method embedded in each painting.

Starting with how to create a world view that attracts many people, character design of the characters, lighting, colors, and composition to visually convey the story... GUWEIZ himself explains his unique techniques!

A special interview with background graphic artist Seiji Yoshida is included as a bonus content for the Japanese version!

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