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Garden Lady Coloring Book(Hard Cover) - Lana Green, Author Joo-hye Yoon

Garden Lady Coloring Book(Hard Cover) - Lana Green, Author Joo-hye Yoon

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Language : Korean
Condition : Brand New
Size : 180 × 253 mm
pages : 80p

Introduction of the book

magical garden plants,
with a beautiful portrait of a woman
A coloring book full of SinB.

The "Garden Lady Coloring Book" is an attractive coloring book that combines 33 beautiful garden plants, fruits, and portraits of attractive women. Writer Yoon Joo-hye is an illustrator who draws on women, flowers, birds, and nature, and has secured many domestic and foreign fans through Instagram.

In particular, she is famous for depicting the wonders of nature and the elegance of women in a delicate and harmonious way, and unfolding a world of work that can be healed just by looking at the painting. The author says that this book is a coloring book that anyone can easily heal and draw, but on the other hand, it is another name for the praise of nature and its beauty surrounding us.

The "Lady Coloring Book of the Garden" expresses the beauty of nature and women with delicate lines and alluring colors, from the dramatic stripes of tulips to the elegance of daisies, the refreshing taste of lemons and the coveted charm of peaches. Also, Korean flowers such as forsythia, azalea, and magnolia create mysterious landscapes in harmony with traditional images and exotic landscapes. It will be enough for readers to have healing time to color while appreciating beautiful nature and women's paintings through the "Lady Coloring Book of the Garden."
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