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[EMBROIDERY BOOK] French embroidery of joystitch

[EMBROIDERY BOOK] French embroidery of joystitch

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⚬ Condition : Brand New
⚬ Language : Korean
⚬ Paperback : 136 pages
⚬ Published : 2020 NOV
⚬ Size : 185*237mm
⚬ Handling Time : 2-4 days

Author's instagram: @joystitch_

Graceful Ballerina
Kitchen Cloth with Coffee Scent
Kitchen Cloth with Sweet Dessert
Lovely Makeup Illustration
Pretty Rabbit in an Apron
Cute Little Flowers
Heart Filled with Flowers
A Bear’s Afternoon Tea Time in the Woods
Odd Eye Cat with Glasses
Joyful Gardening Illustration
Cute Bee
Ocean Blue Summer Illustration
Rattan Products Illustration
Purple Flower Embroidered Sneakers
Autumn Vibes Illustration
Retro Kettle
Vintage Teacups
Bridegroom Illustration
Christmas Card
Snowy Village

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