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French embroidery Life by K Blue

French embroidery Life by K Blue

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 156 pages / 494g
Published : June, 2016
Condition : Brand New
Size : 190*250*11mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

The "fairy-tale embroidery French KBlue" after the French introduced the lyrical embroidery artist Luke cable "alphabet embroidery KBlue," "Life of French embroidery Kay Blue" as a practical and unique embroidery designs have been introduced to. Embroidery design that holds the cable Lugar introduced a warm story. To fill full of petty happiness Let's make every day to enrich the everyday embroidery.

If you sweat a sweat and sincerity is always by my side do not've spent much happiness? As my hand touched a lot of embroidery captures a more extensive story. Eight small design fits well everywhere will be able to feel happy whenever you like if you put a pouch or towel, handkerchief catching the go. Embroidery designs from small items that can be used to decorate your home interior accessories're introduced to how to make molron, baskets or fabric pouch, the pouch is to find ways to take advantage of a variety of embroidery. Now put even embroidery feeling, let's make the necessary props directly to me.


Before you start
Basic 01 materials and tools needed for embroidery
Basic 02 Basic Embroidery
Basic 03 Basic stitching techniques used in this book
Basic 04 three-dimensional stitching technique used in this book

Forest friends
8 kinds of embroidery minor
Eileen and Angela
Blue kitchen towel
Rabbit Fall Ride
Wild Flower Clutch
Go out travel
Rabbit fabric basket
Flower garden
Maison de Lucie
Picnic Day
Flower Swing
Flower Gift Bags
Kay Blue Christmas wreath

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