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Four seasons French Embroidery Book by K Blue

Four seasons French Embroidery Book by K Blue

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 148 pages / 495g
Published : Nov, 2016
Condition : Brand New
Size : 188*250*20mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

spring Summer Fall Winter… Happy embroidery drawing with fingertips

A new book by the popular embroidery writer K-Blue, which has been supported by numerous people in every published book, was published. Unlike traditional embroidery books, authors famous for their embroidered designs, such as fairy-tale designs and high-quality works, embody the charm of four seasons with embroidery through "K Blue's Four Seasons of French Embroidery". Seasonal changes are a good motif for embroidery. This book contains not only the change of nature according to the season such as flowers, trees, animals, but the story of 'season'. Spring irritation, summer refreshing, autumn richness and winter warmth are embellished using various objects. In addition, we will show you how to make a practical piece so that you can utilize various works full of charm of each season. For the first time to learn embroidery, it is easy to understand. It tells the embroidery base and the stitches and threads used in this book. Let's start embroidering right now by unfolding the "Four Seasons of French Embroidery" which unraveled the beauty of the four seasons like a fairy tale.

Prologue four seasons embroidery

Before embroidering Intro
Before Making Materials and tools for embroidery
Basic Embroidery Basics
Stitches Stitches

Spring A throbbing spring
Sweet Dream_Embroidery hoop
Spring scent_Pouch
Girl on the field _ Mirror
Springtime _ Pencil Case

Summer Fresh summer
Washing Girl _Shirt
Puppy Travel_Hat
Summer Flowers _ Cellphone Purse
Secret Garden _ Eco Bag

Autumn ripening autumn
Deciduous Girl _Shirt
Autumn flower _ Needle Walk
Bouquet_cross bag
Three-colored little blossoms _ Cushion

Winter Spreading Winter
Waiting for Christmas _Shirt
Three Christmas Ornaments _ Ornaments
Winter blossoms _ apron
Winter bears and pine cones _ Shoulder

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