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Soft Green Coloring Book by Nomadic

Soft Green Coloring Book by Nomadic

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Language : Korean
Condition : Brand New

It is a coloring book composed of paintings by Normadic
Made of thick Kent paper (220g/m2), not only watercolors and guache
You can use a variety of wet/dry materials such as acrylic, colored pencils, maca, and ink.

​There are a total of 13 works inserted in the coloring book,
Coloring sheets include 3 pieces per piece, a total of 39 pieces.

​Each piece has a brief description of the parts that the artist paid attention to while painting under the name "Little Advice",
While using the coloring book by myself, I recorded what I need to worry about.

​A thick hardboard is firmly supported on the back,

Each rainy season has a perforation line, so you can also use it neatly one by one.

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