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Flower of Edo period Coloring Book (2022)

Flower of Edo period Coloring Book (2022)

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 64 pages
Publication date : July 2022
ISBN-13: 9784295202769
Condition : Brand New
Size : 9.81 x 0.29 x 9.82 inches

Handling time : 1 week

A new work has appeared in "Adult Sketch Coloring Book" , where you can enjoy coloring as if you were sketching a natural history drawing of flowers that the common people of Edo were crazy about ! The theme was the botanical and natural history charts. The pictorial book is similar to the current pictorial book, and is characterized by carefully observing the object and drawing it in detail. In addition to botanical pictorial books depicting plants, there are a wide range of fish, animals, and medicinal herbs. It is drawn by Iwasaki Tsunemasa and other Kano school painters, and its beautiful designs like paintings are still popular today. The Edo period of Taihei Tenka. At that time, many plants were brought to Edo by importing and changing attendance. The beautiful and rare plants attract the common people of Edo, creating an unprecedented horticultural boom. In this book, we selected 19 kinds of "flowers that the common people of Edo would have loved" and expressed them in detail like a botanical picture book. The colors are reproduced like Japanese paper that has deteriorated over time.

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