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Flower day coloring book by Aikawa Sora

Flower day coloring book by Aikawa Sora

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 96 pages
Publication date : Apr 2017
ISBN-13: 9784774783338
Size : 29.7 x 21 x 2 cm

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

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A young illustrator who attracts attention with beautiful and pretty flower illustration works · Coloring flower with a flower motif of seasons by Aikawa Sakamoto Book.
For coloring works to color, referring to "Flower Favorite Female Favorite", I draw flowers popular among women with line drawing of high realism close to natural flowers.
In addition, it is a colorful flower coloring according to the season, such as inserting small motifs, birds and butterflies that seem to be felt as accent.
I am happy to receive it as an appendix at the end of the book, I can cut it (send it), treated the flower of the moon - with flower language, I can paint it - It has a flower card 12 months worth.

About the author
Aikawa Sora (Aikawa Sora)
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Residing in Chiba prefecture. Graduated from Asagaya Art College.
Setsu Mode Seminar, F-SCHOOL OF ILLUSTRATION, Hiroyuki Yamada Illustration course, now as a free illustrator
He is active in various media such as miscellaneous goods, books, and magazines. It draws mainly using flower motifs with ballpoint pen and watercolor paint. We hold solo exhibitions and group exhibitions mainly in Tokyo.
In his book "Cosmic Publishing" has a "Illustration love! Easy, cute! Ballpoint pen notebook illustration lesson book" in co-authored "Masako Land with beautiful flowers and scenery of the world" (Magazine Land).

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