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[FLASH SALE] Painting Dream Illustrations Book by Matsuo Hiromi

[FLASH SALE] Painting Dream Illustrations Book by Matsuo Hiromi

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Language: Japanese

point 1: The first illustrated artwork collection by Japanese illustrator Matsuo Hiromi.

point 2: Includes illustrated works and manuscripts selected by Matsuo Hiromi over the years. It also includes detailed drawing steps for two complete cases and an author interview.

point 3: The book is beautiful in style, colorful in color and unique in style. It clearly shows the beautiful and gorgeous retro style and profound cultural heritage of Matsuo.

The Roman style of the Japanese Taisho period and the modern style of the Showa period have very retro and gorgeous visual effects. The delicate and graceful women's graceful posture and attractive posture are depicted in the retro decorative paintings of the fantasy era, as if they entered the time frame of imagination, dreams and extravagance.


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