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Dream Color of 12 months Coloring Postcards Book

Dream Color of 12 months Coloring Postcards Book

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 40 pages
Publication date : April 24, 2018
Condition : Brand New
Size : 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.2 inches

Handling time : 1-2 week

♡Flip Through
If you want to see this book, please visit here, 70EastBooks Youtube channel,

The view of the world full of "cute" is very popular!
The 4th series of "Dream coloring", is the postcard book.
I'm happy to be sent or sent, I packed "cute" according to the season.
It is a gorgeous specification that contains 16 coloring postcards and 16 beautiful color example cards with perforations.
(32 postcards of 【16 patterns × painting & color sample) are included)

◆ List of recorded pictures ◆
Spring greeting card
No.1 SPRING Ideal Ballerina
No.2 March Fuwafuwa Sakura Fumigato and White Birds
No.3 April Easter rabbits
Welcome to No.5 May Tea Party

Summer greeting card
No.5 SUMMER Rabbit wedding ceremony
No. 6 June Favorite of rainy day
No. 7 July Secret dragon Miyagi
No. 8 August Miracle soft cream

Autumn greeting card
No. 9 AUTUMN Hello scooped hedgehog
No.10 September Delicious bread festival
No.11 October Girls Halloween
No.12 November Preparation for the bear winner

Winter greeting card
No.13 WINTER on holy night
No.14 December Merry Christmas!
No.15 January Let's play with a snowman
No.16 February SWEET! SWEET! SWEET!

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