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[Out of Print] Drawing around the world Coloring Book by Eriy

[Out of Print] Drawing around the world Coloring Book by Eriy

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 104 pages
Publication date : Aug, 2017
Publisher : Pai International(パイインターナショナル )
Condition : Brand New
Size : 29.8 x 21 x 0.8 cm
Author : Eriy

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

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Let's trace the line and travel the world!
Just tracing the line, the mind calms down and you will be healed! While traveling around the world with a tracing sketch, you can grasp the painting skills with the sense that you are sketching various scenes. With the commentary on the location of all the paintings, you can travel around the world, you can enjoy the scenery and buildings around the world and the culture of that country.
A whole book is to be able to enjoy tracing and painting.
Let's cover it on both sides, cover to the cover of the main body, paint a picture, and play it!
Europe / Africa / Asia / Oceania / North America / South America Posted scenes for all 47 countries.

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