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DP Dog's Day SET by kim botong / NETFLEX

DP Dog's Day SET by kim botong / NETFLEX

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lezhin series

Language : Korean

Pages : 1032p

Size : 153x215mm

Handling time : 1-3 days

D.P. Dog's Day (D.P 개의 날, D.P gaeui nal) is a Korean webtoon series written by and Illustrated by Kim Bo-tong. It was published in lezhin from 2015 to 2016. It will be adapted into live-action series in 2021 by Netflix.

D.P. or 'Deserter Pursuit,' is a unit within the Army's Military Police that chases down AWOL soldiers.

Jun-ho, a South Korean Army private who is assigned to a unit responsible for arresting deserters, and in his job, encounters confused young adults. The perspective of a soldier tasked with pursuing other soldiers will be balanced out by the portrayal of the pains and struggles of those who choose to desert.

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