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Dollybird Dolly Pattern Workshop Vol.2 by Araki Sawako

Dollybird Dolly Pattern Workshop Vol.2 by Araki Sawako

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Language: Korean Ver.
Paperback: 88 pages
Published: Nov, 2017
Condition: Brand New
Size: 210*275*8mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

No.1 popular series of "Dolly Bird"
Araki Sawako's 'Dolly Pattern Workshop' !!!

"Dollybird Dolly Pattern Workshop Vol.1" consisted of a method to make this image, a pattern making method and a special appendix pattern that can be used immediately.
The "Dollybird Dolly Pattern Workshop Vol.2," which was published this time, is an under-the-head skirt and pants.
How to make skirts and pants of various designs that can be applied to any size, any type of doll. And How to make patterns, Special appendix Doll pattern of 30 popular dolls.
11cm, 20cm, 27cm, 40cm, 60cm...
You can understand the difference of silhouette of a male and female pants prototype.

How to use this book before creating patterns 4
Chapter 1. Let's make a skirt! 6
Chapter 2. Skirt with skirt spreading 18
Chapter 3. Skirt to make body line 32
Chapter 4. Skirts of various kinds 41
Chapter 5. Creating a pants pattern 52
Chapter 6. Arrange Below the Knee 61
Chapter 7. Cutting out the pants pattern 66
Chapter 8. Trim and Seal 73
Chapter 9. Pants pattern 30 species 78
Special appendix pattern 30 kinds (full size) 89

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