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Dolly Pattern Workshop Vol.1 by Araki Sawako

Dolly Pattern Workshop Vol.1 by Araki Sawako

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Language : Korean Ver.
Paperback : 88 pages
Published : Sep, 2016
Condition : Brand New
Size : 210*275*15mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

No.1 popular series of "Dolly Bird"
Araki Sawako's 'Dolly Pattern Workshop' !!!
This book contains 30 FULL SIZED patterns !!!

Designed and manufactured clothes like a precious doll clothe yourself.
How to design clothes from the description of the basic ingredients, how to make a pattern for each body of the doll tteoya patterns that, and always ends with "doll clothes patterns textbooks you first start" to hit the a to Z of how to make doll clothes make the sleeves and collar make one give up on the wall!
Lovely variety of arrangements to make a pretty blouses, dresses, skirts, my child. Special Appendix pattern almost every paper dolls 30 If possible, the basic patterns of clothing.

To be applied in any type, any size
Fundamentals and Applications of patterns, to design three-dimensional!

Volks MDD, SD, SD Midi, U SD, SD16, DD / DDS
Alchemy workshop Cruz Yu sister, girl
Hobby Japan U-Noa Quluts zero
Orbitz 60, 48/50, 11
Grove puripeu
Azon Pure Nemo XS, S, KIKIPOP!
Takara Tomy Neo Blythe, MIDI Bryce, Jenny, Lika
Sekiguchi Momoko five Deco and Nikki

Showing how the underlying patterns in the popular doll pattern 30 kinds of life-size!
- I want to make doll clothes do not have the basic knowledge staggering beginners!
- Want to design clothes just want to clothe your precious doll Direct!
- Who wants to create an original costume pattern only for my doll!
- Want to master everything by making doll clothes are one minute!
Doll also useful depth indicates a deep variety of application techniques and patterns based on one minute to master the clothing.

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