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Cute Hungarian embroidery Book

Cute Hungarian embroidery Book

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 110 pages
Published : Mar, 2015
Condition : Brand New
Size : 190*240*7mm

Handling time : 2-4 days


Among the many variety of Hungarian embroidery introduces Kalocsa, meocho, embroidery machine three regions of the Tiber. A long time ago to modern design from the traditional design has been loved bright colors, choose a pattern was more pronounced in those with features embroidered embroidered the first start is also easy to enjoy.

Even after the work on the pictorial favorite pages Let's let you view the detailed design process and design of the page. Even novice embroidered satin stitch, outline stitch, running stitch, straight stitch, cross stitch five stitches, etc. The basic thing a detailed introduction to the book Mastering can easily finish all the work. And, you will be able to feel the taste of Eastern Europe via the <Hungary cute embroidery>


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