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Cute Doll making Book - Accessories and clothes for Miniature doll

Cute Doll making Book - Accessories and clothes for Miniature doll

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 168 pages
Published : May 2018
Size : 190*260*20mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

Mini Cushion and Decorated Doll
You can make key rings, bookmarks, bag hangers, and baby room decor dolls while learning the basics of sewing dolls that make small mini cushions hand-sewn. You can see the cleanliness, warmth and dignity of the doll depending on the material of the fabric.

Shrink Doll and Paper Joint Doll
We made shirink which we can enjoy with children and doll which moves paper with material, and connected with o ring and halftone and gave movement. A shrunk doll made by copying a picture in a book, which is made by copying it to a shrink, can be made as an accessory by making a necklace or a brooch, and a paper joint doll made by copying a picture in a book can change a wig, a costume, I was able to enjoy the play.

Dolls can move arms and legs!
The cat and doll puppies are made to move the doll's arms and legs. You can feel the fun of handmade dolls with various movements of dolls.

12 inch doll, USD, YOSD handmade dolls, costume and accessories compatible
12 inch doll, USD · YOSD We made plastic dolls with joints that can be used with costume, wigs, and accessories. You can put various kinds of dolls in your hair because you can give different impression depending on the hair, hair, and wig, while decorating your face with various styles by putting the wire as a skeleton.

Handmade Fashion Dolls Enjoy Dolls!
The feature of this book is that it is a stuffed doll with a handmade doll with wire as a skeleton of a doll, but it can bend and sit on arms and legs, so you can produce various postures. Plush dolls also give different feelings depending on the facial expression, so we can learn how to draw a variety of facial expressions by putting together. We put various dolls together with a real pattern in the book, and made it possible to make various dolls with one book.

Prologue / 4
Materials used in this book / 10

Basics of Dolls
The Basics of Sewing / 22
Draw facial expressions with fabric marker pen / 24
Fabric marker pen to draw eye line and eyebrows and paste doll's eye / 24
Stitch the face with a facial expression / 25
Doll face button eye / 26
Doll face painting with acrylic paint / 27

Mini cushion
Moon Cushion / 30
Cloud Cushion / 32
Star cushion / 34
Chick cushion / 36

Shrink Doll and Paper Joint Doll
Shrink Doll / 40
Paper Joint Dolls / 42

Shaking dolls
Busty Doll / 46

House play doll
Girls Dolls / 52
Swaddling baby doll / 55
Boy Doll / 56

Long legs dolls
Girl Doll / 60
Boy Doll / 64

Kindergarten Doll
Pharma Head Girls Doll / 68
Two-Tiered Skirt Dress / 74
Tote / 77
Curly Hair Boy Doll / 78
Shirts and shorts / 79
Kindergarten hats and bags / 83

A companion doll
Cat Dolls / 88
Strap One Piece / 93
Halloween Cloak / 95
Puppy Doll / 98
Topokki coat / 100
Boots / 103

Old Fashionable Fashion Doll
Petit Joint Fashion Doll / 108
Floral Dress / 112
Ribbon ruffle dress / 116
Leather Shoes / 120
Granny back / 121

Six-day compatible fashion doll
Cute Joint Fashion Doll / 124
Silk ruffle dress / 128
Silk bag / 130

Pattern / 131

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