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Choose to be Happy Book(Hard cover) : Forest Girl by aeppol(エポル)

Choose to be Happy Book(Hard cover) : Forest Girl by aeppol(エポル)

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 246 pages
Size : 138*196*20mm
ISBN-13 : 9791190382793
Published : Sep 2022
Condition : Brand New

Handling time : 2-4 days

book introduction

“The peaceful time I want to give you.
Today’s happiness I want to give you.”

Accumulated sympathy 10 million on Grafolio, the illustrator we loved, Apon's Happiness Theory ! Works loved by 300,000 followers! Apon has been creating the forest girl world for 7 years, and we grew up together in it. The new picture essay “I Choose Happiness”, released after 3 years, contains the author’s own growing up and the theory of happiness of a forest girl. When we want to refresh our weary mind or take a breather in our busy daily life, we look for her paintings. Apoon's paintings, which are admired by readers all over the world, including Japan, Taiwan, China, and Russia, beyond Korea, an overseas reader said, "Her paintings are my Querencia." In addition, Apon is receiving affectionate reviews, such as “an artist who knows how to convey true happiness, satisfaction, joy and love” and “I want to move myself into this painting”.

A cozy room, a cup of hot tea, music and books, a comfortable chair, plush slippers, the laughter of a loved one, the wind and sunshine… . Perhaps the writer Apon most directly conveys that what we need to have for a happy life is neither too much nor too complicated. Her picture essay, which makes me think about what happiness I really want, is a must-open book when I want to give rest and stability to myself and my loved ones.

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