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Cat French Embroidery Book - Japanese embroidery book

Cat French Embroidery Book - Japanese embroidery book

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Language : Japanese
Pages : 72 pages
Publication date : Dec 2018
Condition : Brand New
Size : 19.6 x 14.6 x 0.8 cm

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

It seems like it has jumped out of the picture book
A collection of cats feels "story".

It is the first embroidery drawing by Paris' popular doll author "1/2 Place".
I play guitar, draw pictures, travel, ...
Cats like comical jumps from the picture books are very cute!

● You can sting cute with simple stitches only.
- Pouches, bags, brooches and many other ways of making accessories are also posted.

About the author
Harue Konno
I am from Morioka city, Iwate Prefecture. I live in Paris. Acting as a doll artist "1/2 Place (Dumi Plus)".
Meet antique linen and fabrics at the flea market and the brocant, and began to become captivated by its charm.
A cat doll using antique linen became a hot topic in the reviews,
Currently I made dresses for cats, dogs, rats and other animals, and dresses for girls "Ginnet".
Simple small items such as parisite pouches and bags made from antique fabrics are also popular.
In his book "Dress Up Paris Dressing Animal" (Industrial Editing Center).

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