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Botanical Illustration from Life by Işık Güner, Watercolor art

Botanical Illustration from Life by Işık Güner, Watercolor art

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⚬ Langauge : korean
⚬ Condition : Brand New
⚬ Pages : 208p
⚬ Hardcover
⚬ Size : 230*300mm
⚬ Publish date : Nov, 2021
⚬ ISBN 9788979293449
⚬ Handling time : 1-2days

Plant painter Ishik Güner tells you the experience of observing wild species around the world, research methods, and how to construct a picture by looking at living samples. This book will guide you on your journey as a plant fine artist, teach you how to find plants to be sampled, and inspire you to pick up and record pencils.

- The definition and history of plant detailing, various approaches and techniques.
- How to properly observe a plant, select a plant, sample it, and investigate the plant.
- Drawing method, plant measurement method, perspective method, texture expression and sketch method, and coloring method.
- Exploring various kinds of plants for detailed expression of plants and describing plant elements such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits.
How to find your own style and introduce works by other artists and nature that can inspire you.
- The author and other famous plant painters' numerous illustrations and high-quality photographs.

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