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Botanical Art Coloring Book Vol.2 [Four seasons]

Botanical Art Coloring Book Vol.2 [Four seasons]

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 72 pages
Published : May, 2015
Condition : Brand New
Size : 210*270*15mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

Author : Young Ae, Kwon
<Botanical Art Coloring Book> has no talent for painting seotulda it was empowers courage to those who do not start reasons, were made to heart, eagerly hoping to have a real hobby bar is a friend of life, the Botanical art initially been configured to start a mini-lessons, original paintings and sketches to those who are alone, you can complete easily traced much loved.

In four seasons flower side piece is followed by those who are depending on the season consists of blooming flowers and fruit to start the first Botanical art or those who end up waiting a flower pieces, you can start easily. Now go and in addition the Botanical art on everyday life will be more happy, if you have your own healing time of 30 minutes Botanical Art every day will be filled with joy.

::: pansy, azalea, Sweet pea, Carnations, Peony, Kurukuma, Delphinium, Cotton Legs, hydrangea, Funding Woo, grape, Mugunghwa, Gladiolus, Lavender., ventilation lamp, Wattle, Poinsettia, Crocus, mistletoe, Christmas Rose, Snowdrop

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