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BLUE watercolor book by duweinian(vina.du)

BLUE watercolor book by duweinian(vina.du)

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Watercolor illustrations and Painting Techniques lesson book

Language : Korean
Paperback: 160 pages
Published : June 2017
Size : 190*260*35mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

It is a watercolor book that introduces beautiful paintings, three love stories, and painting techniques of the artist, which are shown by watercolors 64 pages.

Part 1 My Painting Tools
Part 2 011_ The Beginning of the Stories
013_ Story 1 Drip Drop
023_ Story 2 The Girl in Blue
057_ Story 3 Blue Lover
Part 3 101_ My Painting Techniques
102_Amanita Muscaria
110_Lost in Thought
114_Playing the Piano
124_A Midsummer Night's Dream
130_Smiling gril
142_Bright Star
148_Curly Hair
157_The Postscript

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