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Gemini Girls hall Art Book, Artist Lulu, Mori Girl's Art Life

Gemini Girls hall Art Book, Artist Lulu, Mori Girl's Art Life

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⚬ Chinese
 188 pages
⚬ Paperback, soft hardcover
⚬ 190x260mm
⚬ Publish date : 

Handling time : 7-10 days

"Twin Girls' Hall-Watercolor Retro Character Techniques" is a watercolor technique tutorial book with the theme of fresh and dark girls. There are three parts in this book, namely the basic chapter, the fresh chapter, and the dark chapter. The basic chapter mainly explains the basic knowledge of watercolor painting tools, color matching principles, drawing techniques; the fresh and dark chapters use fresh girls and dark girls as themes respectively, and record the drawing process of the case in detail, accompanied by text explanations, one step Step by step teaches readers how to color, how to use brushes, how to apply watercolor skills, and guide readers to complete their own works in all directions. It should be noted that although the fresh and dark chapters have different styles, they are equal in difficulty and easy, and readers can choose what they want to learn. The book comes with 48 electronic line drafts and 2 exquisite stickers.


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