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Antique Doll Clothes Making Book for Babydoll

Antique Doll Clothes Making Book for Babydoll

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Language : Korean
Paperback : 188 pages
Published : 2020 Jan
Condition : Brand New
Size : 188*250mm

Handling time : 2-4 days

[Doll Photo]
[Basics of Sewing]
[How to Make]
(Say Hello in the Morning Set)
(Daily Dress Set)
(Nut Stitches on the Yoke)
(Anne’s Dress with Floral Decorated Hat)
(Little Princess’ Victorian Dress Set)
(The Holy Communion)
(Marie in Rococo Dress)
(Lady in Bustle Dress)
(Hepburn in Checked Coat)
[Real sized pattern pages]

doll size :
The doll size of the books is 16 inches (about 40 cm) based on baby dolls.

Book 1 mainly contains basic items. In this book, we can make more varied and lovely themed clothes and accessories. Outing, traveling, dating. Party and other themed clothes and accessories, you will be able to make almost any style of baby clothes and accessories.

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