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annas Animal embroidery book by Kawabata Anna

annas Animal embroidery book by Kawabata Anna

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Language : Japanese
Paperback : 96 pages
Published : April 12, 2018
Condition: Brand New

Handling time : 1-2 weeks

Popular embroidery writer annas the first animal embroidery book.

Cat, dog, small bird, rabbit, hedgehog, squirrel ......
From animals familiar to pets, pandas, giraffes, penguins, etc.
Popular creatures at zoos and aquariums,
Up to a fairy tale such as "Cat with boots"
Cute animals are gathered together.

Embroidery brooches, patches, bags,
Not only framing, stabbing but also arranging method posted.

Commentator with all color photographs carefully.
About the author
Kawabata Anna Kawabata like that
Embroidery writer. Embroidery illustrator.
After serving as a kindergarten teacher, he worked as an embroidery artist.
Embroidery class "Atelier Anna and Lapin" presided over.
"Embroidery of annasutomonji" (Kobunsha), "Annas embroidery class coloring word rope" (Takahashi book store), "Disney embroidery" (Kodansha) and others, many books.
Embroidery production of drawing, illustration, advertisement etc. Activities such as YouTube.

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