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A flower coloring book : Botanical Coloring Book

A flower coloring book : Botanical Coloring Book

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Language : Korean
Pages : 108pages

Size : 210*270*20mm
Publish date : March 2024
Handling time : 1-4 business days

The fragrant joy that blooms from a single flower, once with a square pencil and once with a colored pencil !

In the 'Coloring Book to Draw Twice' series, author Youngmi Bae, who conveyed the cozy relaxation provided by nature with the 'Tree Landscape Coloring Book', delivers refreshing happiness with her second book, 'One Flower Coloring Book'.

This time, she draws beautiful flowers in a vase using her easiest art materials: pencils and colored pencils. First, warm up your hands with the material explanations and basic exercises provided in this book. If you follow them one by one, you can easily complete your work. All designs are colored once with a pencil and once with colored pencils. Dark areas have partially colored pencil lines. You can create a three-dimensional effect by just painting with one color. Feel the joy of coloring freshly bloomed flowers as if they are fragrant.

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