Damaged/Imperfect Books Sale!

Damaged/Imperfect Books Sale!

[Damaged/Imperfect Books Sale!] Category is open today.

Every so often I receive a shipment of books that have been damaged during transit.  A slight ding to the cover or a creased page does not mean that the book is unreadable, only that I cannot sell it at full price. Despite being slightly damaged these books are ready to be color and read!   

What do you think about buy damaged book with low price?

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i think it is a great idea – if it is a greatly reduced price and shipping isn’t awful. i often want a second book for practicing or testing a colour.

Lara Hartley

Thanks guys :) Usually it damaged on the cover, inside pages are perfect :) And I think 2nd hand book is not good in this time due to covid, :(


It’ll depend on the % share, but potentially sounds like a good idea.


Depends on the damage and the discount given. It’s still going to cost the same for shipping, so if it turns out that for a few dollars more I could just get a perfect copy, I might not want to get a damaged book. If I save up for a big order, then ordering a couple of imperfect books might be a good choice.

Teresa Jackson

If it is not to bad I would but them

Shawna Shaheen

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