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Spirits of Nature coloring postcards by Karolina Kubikowska

Spirits of Nature coloring postcards by Karolina Kubikowska

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Language : English
Pages : 20 pages
Artist : Karolina Kubikowska
Condition : Brand New
Size : 122x172 mm
Date of Publishing : Nov 2021

A new series of postcards to color from Karolina Kubikowska!

 Spirits of Nature is a tribute to nature, the world of both plants and animals around us. Nobody feels the magic of nature better than Karolina Kubikowska..

 Into the Forest is the first box in the series, dedicated to forests and their inhabitants. In the cardboard case you will find:

- a colorful print signed by the author, which you can use to decorate your room or office

- 20 postcards for coloring printed on 300g paper

- 50-page notebook to be used as a planner for each week with space for notes and marking important meetings or visits

 More sets of postcards are in preparation:

 - Into the Deep

- Into the Air

- Cats

- Dogs

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